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Mobile Android App Development Freelancing In Mumbai
Android users are continuously increasing in the world. It is estimated that Android users are checking their phones 100 billion times per day.

If you want your own mobile android app, please contact me. I am an experienced php and android developer, freelancer.

We can do the following for you:
  •  App for Personal profile, School, Real Estate, Marriage Album, Local directory, Community, Society, Business or for several other needs of individual can be developed.
  • Convert Your Website into Mobile Android App.
  • Uploading Yout Mobile App at Google Play Store.
  • Mobile App Like Website which can run without internet having pages Home,Service,Photo Gallery,Aboutus,Contactus etc
  • Shopping cart Android App with Admin Panel.  
  • App of Group chat.
  • 24 hrs Notification Alert even if app is closed.

  • Low charges and with high quality.
  • Efficient and user-friendly applications that meet our clients expectations.
  • Develop high quality, Fast and Secure mobile Applications

We have been developing android mobile apps since 2010, and I have worked on many android mobile applications, some of which I am listing here and which are available on google play store:

  • Jannatul Baqi

    Jannatul-Baqi application is a religious App, having content sharable and GCM notification alert functionalities. App condemn the demolition of the sacred cementry by ibne Saud (la) and demand its reconstruction.

    The app has sections as follows:

    1) History of Jannatul-Baqi
    2) Hadees
    3) Greater Sins
    4) Word 'Shia' in Quran as its main section

    Available at Google Play Store, Please click here

  • Kotak - Touch-to-Sell

    Developed Android App for Kotak Mutual Fund with push technology ( GCM )

    This App works with OTP, having news, chat, youtube video, downloaded document list, NFO etc

    Admin Panel's Features:
    -add/edit/delete users
    -add/edit/delete news
    -add/edit/delete youtube Video's URL
    -chat schedule setting
    -sending message using push technology (GCM)

    Available at Google Play Store, Please click here

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